Thursday, January 8, 2009


00:00 Hahahaha, leave her alone. keep real ayah yagh yagh yagh keep real oh nonononono.

00:05 We were sort of discouraged but then when we received the words, we were very
happy to hear they were all right.

00:14 First i couldn't understand.

00:15 where is the sound missing, Japanese from Japan.どこの音が無いの日本の日本人?

00:17 Because everything was strange to me.

00:25 My parents had experienced the atomic bomb

00:30 Because they were living in Japan

00:32 She was in doors while my father was in the garden

00:36 I was in New York

00:38 My father because of the atomic bomb.......

00:45 And passed away

00:48 but she lived

00:51 yes in spite of the atomic bomb

00:56 Hit Hiroshima

00:59 In Hawaii there was the attack of pearl harbor. ハワイで真珠湾の攻撃があった。

01:13 My roots 私のルーツだよね。

01:14 I went to my house 行ったの僕のお家。

01:17 My parents are Japanese.

01:19 Mother land 母なる国。

01:21 With a chance encounter i was born.縁があって生まれた。

01:22 In Buddhist term probably it is called fate 仏教の言葉で言うと因縁と言うのかな。

01:25 May be because i am Japanese, I made these kinds of mistakes. 日本人だからこういう間違えをしちゃったのかな。

01:30 Even values are the same for everyone.価値観まで全部同じになっているっていうところがね。

01:34 I feel like Japanese is more of a family to me

01:37 The first taste of Japan

01:40 There are certain behavior rooted to Japanese culture

01:43 Do you have some hair on top of your hair mama? Tu as les autres cheveux sur tes
cheveux mama ?

01:48 Why do you have that? Doshite(どうして) tu as ca?

01:52 To me,people who cheat on taxes are not Japanese.脱税している人は僕にとって日本人じゃない。

01:55 I realized that i was not coming back to find my roots but actually I was finding out that I was Japanese- American.

02:03 They identify very strongly with their Japanese heritage

02:06 I am very proud to be a Japanese

02:09 which is different from Japanese and very different from American

02:13 I will do するよ。

02:15 I understood わかったよ。

02:17 I will not stop. やめない。

02:20 By encountering different culture Different culture ni(に) encounter shite(して.)

02:23 I became a very Japanese.

02:28 Before I went to Japan, I thought I was Japanese.

02:31 Born and raised in Japan. 日本で生まれて日本で育って。

02:33 I feel more Japanese -American after I lived in Japan

02:37 And they think they are Japanese because they know Anime

02:41 Very happy girl.....Happy girls yes happy girls

02:46 Wait a second, right now my intention was shifted to family then now you said
Japanese.... and I was not ready to answer you.
ちょっと待って、今家族の方に気持ちが向いちゃって.... ちょっと今日本人とか言われて,心に準備が出来ていなかったけれど。

02:57 You want me to to tell you more about Japan? hahahaha

03:04 A way of life

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